A rendezvous with Art, Knowledge and Beauty

ArtConnoisseurs 2017

Galleries of the Sablon, the historical area for Antiques and Art in Brussels, welcome each June some of the most prominent dealers in Asian Art,  Archaeology and Tribal Art during a joint event called Cultures -The World Arts Fair.  It is 44 lectures that were given since we started in 2013. 


Lectures and Location

For its fifth edition, ArtConnoisseurs 2016 will take place Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of June, at the BIP (Brussels Info Place) located Place Royale a few steps from the Sablon area.

ArtConnoisseurs 2017 will welcome museum's specialists, experts and international scholars for two days of fascinating lectures and panels about Asian, Ancient and Tribal Art.



Most of the lectures of ArtConnoisseurs 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 were filmed. 

The videos of the lectures held during ArtConnoisseurs as well as some interviews with museum curators, collectors and experts can be find here


The famous french fair will held its 6th edition in Brussels simultaneously to Cultures and ArtConnoisseurs.

It will bring together 22 prestigious european galleries specialized in paintings by European Old Masters from the Middle Ages to the 1870s, at the Patinoire Royale of Brussels where they will be presenting some of their most exquisite art works.

The team of ArtConnoisseurs warmly welcome this new addition to the cultural calendar in Brussels and wish the organizers as well as the exhibitors the success they deserve.


BRUNEAF, the non-european art fair will present for their event this year some fascinating and rare artworks coming from the best private collections for an exhibition called Finalité sans Fin. 

It will be held in the heart of the Sablon at the Ancienne Nonciature (3, Rue des Sablons, 1000 Bruxelles).

Simuntaneously, PARIS-TABLEAU will held at the Patinoire Royale an exhibition called David in Brussels: the Birth of a Belgian School curated by Alain Jacobs.

Exhibitor's listing, online catalogue, press kit for Cultures :  cultures.brussels 

We are loking forward to welcoming you again for a great week of culture and art discoveries in Brussels !

Many thanks to all who have attented and supported ArtConnoisseurs.


ArtConnoisseurs is the cultural event organised during Cultures by Asian Art in Brussels (AAB) , Brussels Ancient Art Fair (BAAF), Brussels Non-European Art Fair (BRUNEAF) and Brussels International Art Promotion and Logistics (BIAPAL).


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Committee of Honour

  • Mr. Alain Bordier (Switzerland)

  • Ms. Renate Homberg (Germany)

  • Baroness Paul Janssen (Belgium)

  • Mr. Dirk Krämer (Germany)

  • Mr. Chris Levett (Great Britain/France)

  • Mr. Klaus Maas (Germany)

  • The late - H.R.H. Sheikh Saud bin Muhammad bin Ali Al-Thani (Qatar)

  • Dr. Jacques Léon Theodor (Belgium)

  • Dr. Helga Wall-Apelt (USA)

  • Dr. Corinne Besson (France)

  • Mr. Henry Bounameaux (Belgium)

  • Mr. Richard C. Blum and Dianne Feinstein (USA)

  • Dr. François de Callataÿ (Belgium)

  • Mr. Bénédict de Cerjat (Switzerland)

  • Ms. Lee Chor Lin (Singapore)

  • Mr. Guido Creemers (Belgium)

  • Ms. Audrey Dégremont (Belgium)

  • Dr. Claire Derriks (Belgium)

  • Ms. Florence Doyen (Belgium)

  • Dr. Ian Glover (Great Britain)

  • Dr. Sidney Goldstein (USA)

  • Dr. Alfred Grimm (Germany)

  • Dr. Isabel Grimm-Stadelmann (Germany)

  • Dr. Eric Gubel (Belgium)

  • Ms. Else Hartoch (Belgium)

  • Prof. Dr. Detlev Kreikenbom (Germany)

  • Dr. Gauri Parimoo Krishnan (Singapore)

  • Dr. Kenson Kwok (Singapore)

  • Ms. Françoise Lechien-Durant (Belgium)

  • Mr. Martin Lerner (USA)

  • Dr. Christian E. Loeben (Germany)

  • Maître Marc Matthys (Belgium)

  • Dr N. John Miksic (Singapore)

  • Prof. Dr. Lunsingh Scheurleer (The Netherlands)

  • Dr. Pratapaditya Pal (USA/India)

  • Dr. René Preys (Belgium)

  • Dr. Arnaud Quertinmont (Belgium)

  • Prof. Dr. Hermann Schlögl (Germany)

  • Mr. Jean-Marie Simonet (Belgium)

  • Dr. Cyril Thiaudière (France)

  • Mr. Jan Van Alphen (Belgium/USA)

  • Dr. Rainer Vollkommer (Germany/Liechtenstein)

  • Mr. Luc Watrin (France)

  • Mr. Herman Van Rompuy

  • Ms. Joëlle Milquet

  • Ms Brigitte Grouwels

  • Mr. Jean-Luc Vanraes

  • Mr. Hamza Fassi- Fihri

  • Mr. Jan Huyghebaert

The Brussels Ancient Art Fair
Asian Art in Brussels