Nathalie Vandeperre

Curator Far-Eastern Department (China, Japan, Korea) - Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH), Brussels

Nathalie Vandeperre is curator of the Far-Eastern department (China, Japan, Korea) of the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH) in Brussels. She heads the Museums of the Far-East (Chinese Pavilion, Japanese Tower and Museum of Japanese Art) and their export art collections. She recently curated two important exhibitions: Utamaro: the twelve hours of the green houses, and other beauties(Museum of Japanese Art, 2012 (she also co-authored the catalogue of the exhibition); and Hokusai: views on Mount Fuji and other landscapes (Museum of Japanese Art, 2013)

Recent publications

« The King’s dream » and « Collecting the Far-East » in Arts of Asia
nr.200, 2012 ; editor of « Hokusai, coup d’oeil sur les deux rives du fleuve Sumida, suivi de Le fleuve Yodo » by M. Forrer , Editions Hazan, 2012 ; and of « Keisai, le maître du dessin abrégé. Tous les albums de style ryakuga » by M.Forrer, Editions Hazan, 2013



Museum of Art and History, Petit Narthex Conference Room, Brussels


On 12 June 2015 at 17:00

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