On 05 June 2014 at 10:30

Unknown Egyptian Treasures at the Museum August Kestner, Hanover (Germany)

Dr. phil. Christian E. Loeben

The nucleus of what is today the Museum August Kestner in the city centre of Hanover (Germany) has been the former private collection of Great Britain's ambassador to Rome August Kestner (1777-1853). In over 30 years of residence in the Holy City Kestner collected works of art ranging from Ancient Egypt to then contemporary Italian art. However Antiquity and ancient numismatics was the main focus of Kestner's interest, and about 1000 Egyptian objects made his collection to be the first important private collection of Egyptian art worldwide. When 125 years ago the first museum of the City of Hanover which has been built for those treasures opened to the public it contained the second biggest Egyptian collection in Germany. Continously enlarged it nowadays is a gem of widely unknown masterpieces from Ancient Egypt of which Dr. Christian E. Loeben, for the last 10 years keeper of Egyptian and Islamic Art at this museum, will present in his lecture a number of highlights






On 05 June 2014 at 10:30

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Dr. phil. Christian E. Loeben

Dr Loeben studied Egyptology and Art History at the Free University of Berlin and did fieldwork in Saqqara, Thebes and Deir el-Haggar, Dakhleh Oasis. Since 1990, he is also the leader of field trips to Egypt as well as the scientific consultant of important Egyptian Collections in Europe and North America. 
He has assured Egyptological teaching assignments at the universities of Leipzig, Havana, Marburg, Cologne, Göttingen, Leiden, Leuven, Basel and is consultant Egyptologist for the Collection of Antiquities at the Cuban National Museum for the Fine Arts in Havanaand founder of two Egyptological Associations: Havana (1995 „Pa-ju-wer“) and Berlin (2001 „Aegypten-Forum e.V.“). 
Since 2004,  Dr. Loeben is the keeper of Egyptian Antiquities at the “Museum August Kestner” in Hanover, Germany. At this museum hehas realised seven special exhibitions on Egyptological topics.
Other Egyptological exhibitions based on his ideas have been realized in Landshut/Bavaria (1992), Berlin (2001), Havana/Cuba (1994 and 2006), Edinburgh/Scotland (2005-6) and Basel/Switzerland (2006-7 and 2008-9). 
In Hanover he co-organised two major Egyptological conferences, one being the yearly General Conference of Egyptologists for the German speaking world (2006) and the other, the international meeting of Egyptologists working in museums (2008). 
Dr. Loeben has published around 50 scientific articles and contributed to more than 30 museum and exhibition catalogues. He has alsolectured in over a 100 scientific and popular presentations on all aspects of Egyptology as well as on the history of opera. 
He is an egyptological consultant for 10 international TV-productions in (most of)which he is regularly featured himself. In August 2009 hewas assigned by the Czech National Museum in Prague to be the „Deputy Mission Director“ of their excavations in Wad ben Naga/Sudan. 
Since August 2010 he is one of 10 elected members of the board of directors of CIPEG, the International Committee for Egyptology within the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Since June 2012 he is the only German member of a mixed French and international committee which evaluates once a year the Egyptological work of the Louvre-Museum (Paris).